Dear candidates! Welcome to the Institute of Foreign Languages in Syktyvkar!

If you’ve chosen languages you’ve stepped on to the road of breathtaking discoveries and new opportunities that will enrich your life and develop your personality.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul”, said Charlemagne, an outstanding governor, warrior and learned man. And we offer you three “new souls” (English, French and German) to help you become as broad-minded and skilled as you could dream.

Why learn foreign languages? If we focus on the most substantial reasons, we’ll point out three major ones:

  1. Successful interaction within a diverse world. Living side by side with other cultures is today’s reality which requires deep understanding of cultural diversity. Learning foreign languages expands one’s view of the world, teaches tolerance, respect and appreciation of the new and the different. It makes one more flexible and open and creates a positive attitude towards multiculturalism.
  2. Perfection of general learning and mental skills. First of all, language study is valuable because it develops and boosts communication skills that are of great use in any kind of professional activity. Secondly, languages improve analytical skills as well as problem solving and dealing with abstract concepts. Thirdly, listening skills, memory and creative thinking go hand in hand with language learning experience.
  3. A bigger career potential. Foreign languages open the door to various professional domains. A bilingual person is at a distinct advantage in the global market, economy, business, management, technology etc.

Besides all the above-mentioned, our Institute teaches to teach foreign languages. Teachers’ training adds to advantages of simple language learning. You get solid psychological, methodological and pedagogical ground which enables you later to approach languages both as a tool and as an objective.

If you’re curious, creative, hungry for the new – come and join our highly professional and friendly team!